Available at Unichem and Life pharmacies throughout June.

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The heart of Men’s Health Week is the Accuro Health Insurance ‘What’s Your Score?’ health check list.

You can take your Accuro ‘What’s Your Score?’ survey to 350 Unichem and Life Pharmacies around NZ through all of June where you can get advice on developing a better heath routine, plus get a free blood pressure test while you’re there.

This simple survey asks basic questions about the various medical checks you may have had done in the last 12 months along with some lifestyle indicators. Scores are totalled to give a basic indication of your health and health risks.

Challenge your mates – My health score is lower than yours! Is this year’s score better than last year’s?

Men’s Health Week is a chance to get proactive and compete for the best health score in workplaces, on the team, at the club.