Men’s Health Services

Men’s Health Clinic

The Men’s Health Clinic is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Depending on what kind of help you need, you may need to schedule an appointment with the doctor, however information relating to sexual health can be found on the Men’s Health Clinic website.

Men’s Health Trust NZ

Men’s Health Trust NZ is a not for profit trust with a plan to promote men’s health by helping to improve access to and benefits from health services for men of all backgrounds and ethnic groups. Men’s Health Trust NZ can put you in touch with the support services you need – whether it is getting a check up with a GP, finding out more information or seeking advice or support.

Healthy Thinking Foundation

Healthy Thinking is really simple and it works, if you use it correctly. It is not a cure for everything but can help you manage stress frustration and other unhealthy emotions like anxiety and anger. If you can’t change your mood or attitude by changing what you think (your software) using our simple tools, then maybe you have a hardware problem (ie brain chemistry and neurotransmitters) and we suggest you see a doctor or psychologist.

Having the tools to deal with the challenges in your life is important to your success. You can be a better role model, leader and example of how to manage your emotions, attitudes and behaviours.

Healthy Thinking offers online courses and material for equipping you to better manage your thoughts, emotions and stress.

National Depression Initiative

National Depression Initiative is part of a national public health campaign created to reduce the impact of depression on the lives of New Zealanders, as well as being a component of the New Zealand Government’s approach to suicide prevention.

The website aims to help New Zealanders recognise and understand depression. It encourages people to seek appropriate help and offers resources for health professionals treating people experiencing depression.

The Low Down

The Lowdown is a website designed particularly to be accessible to younger men and women. Help, advice and support for those who are feeling depressed.

The Quit Group

Quitting smoking is hard work but you don’t have to do it alone. If you are thinking about quitting, are working to become a non-smoker, or you have relapsed – you will find support and information on this site and through the Quitline.

Phone 0800 778 778 if you would like to speak to a Quitline Advisor.

Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa

Beat Bowel Cancer are a nationwide, patient led organisation committed to reducing the impact of bowel cancer on our community through awareness, education and support. For further information or support visit the BBCA website or contact them via their email address: