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Registered Master Builders is a proud foundation sponsor of Men’s Health Week.  In an industry that is made up predominantly of males we need to ensure we look after our health on an ongoing basis.  It’s not good enough to wait until something goes wrong – so much of what can go wrong can be prevented.  A construction workforce in good health results in a better-built New Zealand!

David Kelly   |   Chief executive Registered Master Builders


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Accuro Health Insurance supporting Men’s Health Week

New Zealand has an excellent healthcare system but unfortunately, it does not have unlimited healthcare resources. Your health is your number one asset and at Accuro Health Insurance we want you to have peace of mind that, if something does go wrong, you’ll have the support you need when you need it.

We are NZ owned and operated as well as not for profit. Everything we do is for those who own us – our members. We’re proud to be successful in providing Kiwis with top-quality products and amazing service, and we’re proud to be a key supporter of Men’s Health Week.

Accuro is Latin for ‘taking care’, and that’s what we do. We’ve been looking after our members since 1971, providing comprehensive health insurance cover, with quality personal service at the lowest possible premiums.

You know how important it is to protect your health and the health of those who depend on you. You know stress is a very real factor with virtually every illness. We can help. Call us now on 0800 222 876.



Green Cross Health is proud to be a strong supporter of Men’s Health Week. Too many Kiwi men die of preventable diseases and Community Pharmacists are well positioned to have valuable health & wellness conversations with our men. With extended opening hours,  no appointment needed and over 300 Unichem & Life Pharmacies throughout New Zealand, Kiwi men are able to pop in for a confidential discussion. The “What’s Your Score” campaign is an ideal opportunity  for men to check their  health score, get a FREE Blood Pressure check for the month of June  and to access some great Care + Advice around some simple lifestyle changes, if needed , that can make a significant difference to their health & wellness.
Alison Van Wyk   |   Green Cross Executive – Professional Services