It’s Men’s Health Week, time for guys to take more notice of their health and to encourage their mates to do the same.

Guys seem to talk best when we’re doing stuff, so to mark the start of Men’s Health Week this year a group of blokes got together, built a couple of boats and talked about, well, men’s health.

Against a background of America’s Cup fever, there was certainly a strong nautical theme aboard when a team of Registered Master Builders challenged a team of celebrities to build and sail a yacht on the Auckland Harbour.

Plans were hastily drawn up, plywood was cut and bent, glued and screwed, tarps cut into shape for sails and finally duct tape was liberally applied in a desperate search for seaworthiness.

For two-and-a-half hours, the teams beavered away on the boats with the challenge being shown on live crosses to TV One’s Breakfast show. Weather guy Matt McLean kept the teams to their tasks while chatting to the guys about men’s health issues and what they need to be aware of, what needs to be checked and how they can take their “Accuro What’s Your Score?” health check.

Finally the boats were ready to hit the water, the traditional design of the celebrities taking on the Master Builders’ catamaran. As the Team New Zealand sailors discovered in Bermuda, sometimes these catamarans can be a little tricky and so it proved for the Master Builder team, their cat dipping one too many pontoons into the water and from there it was all over. Celebs 1, Master Builders 0.

“It was a great morning, lots of fun and a good chance to chat with guys about things we normally stay away from,’ singer Frankie Stevens said. ‘I took the ‘Accuro What’s Your Score?’ test and I was pretty happy with my score. Every guy needs to be honest with himself, jump online and do the checklist.”

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