Like all our senses, hearing just happens without our thinking about it.

All the sounds that surround us every single day, a bird singing, a friend chatting, or a great song on the radio – the soundtrack in our ears makes life so much richer.

Hearing lets us lead our everyday lives without limitations. It helps us to socialise, work and communicate. It also helps us to stay connected to the outside world while keeping us safe by warning of potential danger.

Hearing health is important.

If we lose it, we lose contact with the people we love and the world around us. When our hearing declines—and for most of us it will —it can feel like life is going downhill. Because for many it actually is.

The fact is, hearing loss doesn’t just affect you physically. It can impact your emotional and social health, too

That’s why we need to protect our hearing from the things that we know can damage it. Why it is important to get on top of hearing loss early.

In the attached posts here Men’s Health Week looks at how your ears actually work, what the main issues are and how much of a hammering our hearing might be getting from old mate Dr. Dre.

Damaging our ears daily

Our ear has developed to detect even very low-level sounds. Why? It’s a natural survival tool. Think about prey animals like rabbits or deer. Their