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Breaking down the big health issues guys face

All of us will face health problems at some stage of our lives. The more we know about what these are, the better we can face up to them or better still, avoid them.

Too many Kiwi men die from PREVENTABLE illnesses – something that maybe didn’t need to cause so much grief. Just as bad is having to live what can become crap lives then die much earlier than they should.

At Men’s Health Week we have two simple mantras: prevention is way better than a cure, and if we’ve missed the prevention train, then small steps can make a big difference when it comes to starting to put things right

This part of the site will take you  to some simple explanations of the big health problems guys in New Zealand may encounter.

The Health Categories links on the right take you directly to the specific pages, and links on these can take you further or to other info we rate. 

The MHW health quizzes are fun and useful too.


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Damaging our ears daily

Our ear has developed to detect even very low-level sounds. Why? It’s a natural survival tool. Think about prey animals like rabbits or deer. Their


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Small steps could really make a big difference to your life and that of your loved ones.