Tell me why do my feet smell so bad?

Why do my feet smell so bad?

Do you think your feet smell?  Then consider this.  Smell your feet then multiply that whiff by 10. That’s what everyone else is smelling, and a pretty strong reason why the room clears when you pull off your socks.

The docs call it bromodosis, but it’s stinky feet.

Why are our feet so fetid?

Well bacteria have a thing for dark damp places.  

Your foot is host to 3.5 million colonies of bacteria per square centimetre! Fungi join the party; 24 colonies per square centimetre.

As the bacteria and fungi multiply, they break down dead skin cells and oils on your feet, which release a variety of strong odours

No one escapes, no matter your age or background, everyone is at least occasionally plagued with stinky feet. (Oh yes – then multiply that by 10).

Stink foot may be a pointer to other troubles

Funky foot odour is often due to poor hygiene, but sometimes it’s a pointer to other things l foot may be a pointer to other troubles

ike Athlete’s Foot which is a fungal (smells like funky cheese). There’s also a genetic condition called Hyperhidrosis (smells vinegary) that makes one in sixteen of us sweat too much, and then there’s bacterial infections (smells of rotten eggs) causing little pencil point pits on the soles.

All these delights can be treated, but to avoid stinky feet first up: Keep them clean. Hygiene is paramount.  Then always wear socks! Preferably a fresh pair each day, preferably cotton which absorb moisture.  Never wear tight shoes, and look for shoes that breathe.  Sandals are great for summer.

There’s also antiperspirants, medicated socks and daily baths. Get advice, and maybe more invitations out.