Tell me why….?

Basic body issues we should all be on to

Ever wondered why some people really sweat buckets while you’re still dry? Why the room clears when old mate takes his shoes off, or when even the dog gives up and offers you the breath biscuit?

Let’s face it, our bodies come with some pretty odd byproducts.

We pee and poo out materials that, well, even our bodies have rejected. Sweat pours out of us, our excretions change colour and for many it’s fortunate that we can’t often smell our own breath and our nose is a long way from our feet.

We stink, but there are reasons for most of these and in most cases, there are things we can do to reduce the condition and make us more pleasant folk for others to be around.

In this section Men’s Health Week takes a look at some of the reasons we could be walking, sweating stink bombs and some simple steps we can take to change things up.