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MEN'S HEALTH WEEK PODCAST - EP 1: Visit a doctor

Been lately? - a MHW podcast

What’s the problem guys? We’re on the wrong side of most health statistics and still we don’t seem to want to get along to visit a doctor on a regular basis. Like we really should.

If seeing a doctor is making you nervous, Dr Nick Oscroft from the Island Bay Medical Centre, has got plenty of reassurance for you. 


Skin Deep - a MHW podcast

The skin is your body’s largest organ and the one most often ignored.

Skin cancer specialist Professor Sharad Paul says your skin is a window to your general health and looking after your skin has a huge impact on your well-being.

He talks to Men’s Health Week director Mark Sainsbury about getting in touch with your body’s feelings. In other words, your skin.


Diabetes - it's not sweet as

More than a quarter of a million Kiwis have diabetes. Can you do anything about it. What if you do nothing?

MHW director Mark Sainsbury has been diagnosed with Type 2, his son with Type 1. So what’s the difference?

To get the answers Mark sat down with his own doctor, Nick Oscroft from the Island Bay Medical Centre, for a frank Men’s Health Week chat.


Pumping - a MHW podcast

Our cardiovascular system has a lot riding on it. Our lives for a start. Your heart will beat over two billion times through your lifetime, making it the best pump and plumbing you will ever encounter.
But cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the major killer in this country, despite our ability to actually do something about it.
The stats aren’t good for any of us, but they’re even worse for Māori and Pasifika men.
Dr Api Talemaitoga has been fighting for good health in the Pacific community in particular and the general community as a whole all his working life. He’s incredibly busy but found time to chat with MHW Director Mark Sainsbury and talk CVD.

Men Only - a MHW podcast

When it comes to prostate issues, this is men only. Only men have a prostate, and it can too often come with issues later in life.

Doesn’t have to be this way, especially if we can get on to any changes early.

Urologist Rod Studd deals with prostate problems every day but took time out to talk about this critical men’s health issue with MHW director Mark Sainsbury.   

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Take charge of your health this Men’s Health Week 

Top bloke and men’s health and nutrition expert Dave Munro from the Heart Foundation with a bunch of simple ideas and advice for Kiwi guys in how to take charge of their health.

Dave looks at how men’s health changes as we age, and gives us 5 five easy nutrition hacks which can have a big impact on our health. Lots of advice and encouragement. Great podcast. 

Take charge of your health this Men’s Health Week

The Original Guide to Men’s Health podcast

Been giving really good information and advice from it’s first episode in 2019. It has more than 60 episodes and is now available on most major podcast platforms. Episodes consist of discussions with leading experts. They are designed to freely provide information on how to be a healthy male for a broad audience. Currently, a new episode is published once per month.

The Original Guide to Men’s Health podcast



Menvolution is a podcast talking to well-known Kiwi men about resilience and well-being It is produced in association with Men’s Health Trust New Zealand and Two Dudes.

Guests include Keven Mealamu, Huffer co-founder Steve Dunstan, Dai Henwood and the all time King Kapisi. Good (and helpful) listening.

Menvolution on Spotify

Menvolution on Apple