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How to interpret your score:

*** 18 – 45 ***

Well done – looks like you’re making plenty of right healthy lifestyle choices and keeping in control of your health. Keep it up, but still make sure you maintain a good relationship with your GP and have a yearly check-up. Why not make Men’s Health Week the time you have your annual visit to the GP?

*** 46 – 70 ***

It may be time to tighten up a bit on your health routines and think more about how you’re eating and moving. It is important that you book in for an annual men’s health check and discuss all age appropriate health risks and tests with your GP. Men’s Health Week is a great time to start being proactive with
your health.

*** 71 – 90 ***

Looks like it might be time for some changes to catch up on the health admin you may have been missing. Call your local GP today and book an appointment for a full men’s health check and a chat about your health risks and what changes you can make to your lifestyle to lower your risk of illness. Remember, small changes can make big differences…..you just have to start.


Now you have your score,
challenge your mates to do it…

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If you have any concerns about your health, please visit any or all of our other pages with plenty of useful information or contact a health professional or your doctor.

* This survey is an adaptation of Foundation 49’s One Minute Men’s Health Check. This survey is not a diagnosis. It is recommended that all men visit a GP on a yearly basis.

* Your details will NOT be collected or used by Men’s Health Week to electronically or in any other way contact What's Your Score? participants.