This Men’s Health Week, 8th – 14th June, fill out the ‘What’s Your Score’ survey and find out your annual health score!

Meet some of the high profile New Zealand spokesmen who have taken control of their own health and hear their stories.

Men’s Health Week is proudly sponsored by Registered Master Builders, Pit Stop and Nature’s Own. It is also supported by Life and Unichem pharmacies, and M2 Magazine. Our health partners are Testicular Cancer NZ, Mana Tane Ora and Men’s Health Trust.


Greg Murphy – Skills Beyond the Racing Track

The 2014 Men’s Health Week is over, however, our ambassadors are still out there doing their bit to promote the importance of taking responsibility for your health. Greg Murphy, our motorsport legend, talks about his skills beyond the racing track, his passion for flying helicopters, and getting an annual health check up. A big thank you to Greg Murphy and Oceanic Aviation for helping out at the photoshoot at Ardmore.

Read the article on nzherald.co.nz.

CEO of Cigna Insurance Scored 52

It’s not too late to find out what your annual health score is. Above is a photo of Lance, the CEO of our key sponsor Cigna Insurance, getting some exercise along Wellington’s waterfront. Lance is looking active and healthy and scored 52 in the What’s Your Score survey. Find out what your score is by completing the survey yourself: menshealthweek.co.nz/survey.

Viva – Sam Wallace

Find out more about our ambassador Sam Wallace in Viva and see where his favorite spots are to eat and drink in Auckland. Sam also talks about men’s health and how he plans to stay fit and healthy throughout Men’s Health Week. View the article at nzherald.co.nz/viva-magazine

20,000 What’s Your Score Survey Submissions

Great news! We’ve had 20,000 men fill out our What’s You Score survey online! Keep it up guys. The survey is a great step towards getting proactive and making the right choices to stay in control of your health and wellbeing. Shall we make it to 30,000? If you haven’t already fill out our survey here and find out your annual health score.

The New Zealand Herald – Lee Suckling

Here’s one for the younger fellas. Lee Suckling talked health for younger men in The New Zealand Herald and discussed certain issues that young guys need to start talking about. Click here to view the article: ‘5 health issues young men should flag’.

Free Men’s Health Pit Stop Check

Pop into your local Life, Unichem or Amcal Pharmacy for a FREE Men’s Health Pit Stop Check throughout Men’s Health Week! They are offering a simple health check to help you take charge of your health and wellbeing. Talk to your pharmacist about any health issues and get your blood pressure taken. Just like a car needs regular servicing, our bodies need an annual warrant of fitness. Visit greencrosshealth.co.nz to find your nearest Life, Unichem or Amcal pharmacy! Also, make sure you check out the Nature’s Own in store promotions this week!

Michael Jones

We are so excited to have Michael Jones, the All Black legend, as a new ambassador for Men’s Health Week. Michael is also an ambassador for Cigna, one of our key sponsors this year.

“My father passed away at the age of 38 of a heart attack… I don’t want that to happen to my kids, to grow up without their dad,” he says.

Michael is the chairperson and founding trustee of The Village Trust. The Village Trust is a community-based organisation dedicated to supporting marginalized individuals and groups by providing programmes and services that maximize their potential and give them hope for a positive future. Check out their website for more information.

Seven Sharp

Below is a link to Seven Sharp as they continue to promote men’s health during Men’s Health Week. Check out Doctor Dave the flying doctor!


Mike King

We are pleased to announce Mike King, the Kiwi entertainer and comedian, is one of our Men’s Health Week ambassadors this year.

“The number one toxic disease is our attitude. The ‘harden up, stay staunch’ disease of silence is affecting our young men,” Mike says.

Have a look at Mike King’s The Key to Life Charitable Trust, which aims to reverse the population trends of depression and suicide by effecting positive social change.

Green Cross Health Morning Tea

Unichem, Life and Amcal pharmacies launched Men’s Health Week at their head office. Click here for information on Free Pit Stop Health Checks at the participating pharmacies. Also, pop in this week to see Nature’s Own special promotions that are on offer.

Breakfast TV – Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week Breakfast TV from Men's Health Week NZ on Vimeo.

Small Steps to a Long Life

Men’s Health Week has already begun for the new CEO of Cigna Life Insurance.

Lance Walker has made the principles of the nationwide event, which takes place from 9 – 15 June, part of his everyday working life for as long as he can remember.

“I believe in doing simple things to take care of yourself, and staying fit and healthy,” he says, having just completed a run over Mt Victoria in Wellington.

This year Cigna is pleased to be a sponsor of Men’s Health Week for the first time.

“We want to broaden our positioning to be more about health, well-being and a sense of security,” says Lance.

“As an insurance company, we are naturally concerned about protecting people when bad things happen. But we also want to encourage people to do the right things with their health, which can help prevent critical illness events occurring in the first place,” he says.

Lance believes that men in particular need to be much more proactive with their health.

“The ‘she’ll be right’ attitude is deeply embedded in Kiwi male culture. We’ve got better at addressing it, but we still need to create the time and permission for men to be able to put their hands up and seek help,” says Lance.

“We know New Zealand men live on average four years less than women, and have higher rates of strokes and heart disease and non-gender specific cancers. Yet they still remain less likely to talk to a doctor about their health. Statistics tell us that one New Zealand man dies every three hours of a potentially avoidable illness; with death rates for Māori men nearly double that of non-Māori.”
Men’s Health Week will kick off with a special breakfast on June 9 attended by Men’s Health Week ambassador and All Black legend, Michael Jones.
“It’s great to have a public focus around men’s health. Men need to be proactive about their health to ensure they live a long, happy life and now is the time to go and get your health checked,” says Michael.

“It’s important for me to stay healthy so I can be there for my wife and kids,” he says, adding that, “sport has always been a big part of my life, so staying fit and healthy is essential.”

Lance believes there are endless benefits for the community and the national economy when people are proactive with their health, including less strain on the public healthcare system, greater productivity and the personal rewards of feeling good and having the ability to lead an active lifestyle with loved ones for longer.

But he points out that Men’s Health Week alone can’t achieve this, and must instead be a platform for encouraging men to take responsibility for their health all year round.

“There are a number of organisations, in both the public and private sector, that have a role to play in keeping health issues front and centre of the public consciousness,” says Lance.

Looking forward, Cigna plans to introduce a range of new products and services that closely identify the company with wellness and a sense of security.

Seek NZ – Workplace Health Check

Men’s Health Week is upon us, which means it’s time for all you hard-working blokes out there to give your workplace health a once-over and consider making a few simple but positive changes.

Here are our top 5 tips for improving your health on the job:
Move it or lose it.
Labour smart.
Sneak in some greens.
Take one for the team.
Seek support.

Read the full article on Seek.

Te Karere

Te Karere talked about men’s health and urged Maori men to get checked regularly!

Te Karere TVNZ.

Seven Sharp

Here’s a link to the Seven Sharp story on Men’s Health featuring New Zealander of the Year, Dr Lance O’Sullivan – ‘The pointy end of men’s health’.


Woman’s Day

Mike King, our Comedian ambassador, features in this week’s Woman’s Day NZ. It’s a beautiful read about Mike, his partner Jo Methven and their 10-month-old daughter Charlie Sue. Not to be missed!

Men’s Health Trust – Inspiring Stories Breakfast

Men’s Health Trust held their annual breakfast, kicking off Men’s Health Week, with inspirational stories from guest speakers Dr. Lance O’Sullivan, Dr. Ed Timings and Michael Jones. The messages that these men had to share were motivational and encouraged every man in the room to take care of their health, not just for themselves, but also for their loved ones. The event was very successful, it was a highly entertaining Monday morning for all who attended, and it was a great start to a week celebrating the importance of men’s health.

Calling all Men – Good Health Management is Not Rocket Science

New Zealand men are being encouraged to take simple steps to improve their health status during the annual Men’s Health Week awareness campaign.

Men continue to die earlier than women for all the top ten causes of death, and the health statistics for Maori men continue to lag behind non-Maori. One in eight New Zealand men will experience serious depression during their lifetime, and the suicide rate for New Zealand men is three times that of women.

Men’s Health Week 2014 is supported by Mana Tane Ora o Aotearoa, depression.org.nz and the Men’s Health Trust. Registered Master Builders, Cigna, Pit Stop, Nature’s Own, M2 and Life, Unichem and Amcal pharmacies have also thrown their weight behind the campaign to help inform, educate and provide opportunities for New Zealand men to check their health status and take positive action.

Dr Graeme Washer, Medical Director of the Men’s Health Trust, says it’s important to remind men that the problems they face in their lives – physical and mental – are fixable if they learn the really simple things they can do to improve their day-to-day wellbeing and overall long-term health.

“It’s important not to generalise as many men are proactive about their health, but the typical attitude is ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ and ‘I don’t need to worry about it because I’m coping OK”. The problem is that the male psyche wants to project an image that “everything is fine, I’m staunch, I’m okay and I can hold it all in“ then health professionals like me see these guys when the wheels come off. We then have to scrape them up off the floor when things are much more difficult.”

“It’s not rocket science,” he says. “Good health self-management is simple and something guys can learn and practice. It comes down to eating less and smarter, understanding more about basic nutrition, doing a combination of regular load bearing and aerobic exercise, maintaining good human relationships with a couple of really good male friends, and having a coach (doctor or other health professional) to get a better understanding about health matters specific to yourself.”

Dr Washer says if men want to learn how to fix their car or something else, they’ll go and learn about it, and the same approach should apply to learning about their health. He says the Men’s Health Survey at www.menshealthweek.co.nz is a useful tool to encourage men to start thinking about various aspects of their health and to identify areas they’d like to know more about.

“It’s all about men educating themselves and understanding the simple things they can do to live a long and healthier life,” says Dr Washer. “This is the week to fill out the survey, pop into a pharmacy for a free Men’s Health Pit Stop Check or visit your doctor for an annual check up.”

New Idea

New Idea is on sale now with an article on our ambassador, Michael Jones, talking about his goal to be the best father he can be and staying fit for his family. Grab a copy today and visit the New Idea website.


A big thanks to Cigna for supporting this year’s Men’s Health Week.

Cigna is one of New Zealand’s leading insurance specialists who have been taking care of Kiwis for over 90 years. They believe looking after your loved ones begins with first looking after yourself so they are proud sponsors of Men’s Health Week.

With Cigna LifeOne, their flexible and affordable life insurance cover, staying healthy and keeping fit can also reward you with a healthy living discount on your premiums. Healthy living is all about being proactive to help protect your future – and life insurance from Cigna can help protect your family’s financial future.

LifeOne provides a sense of security, which in turn can decrease stress – giving you peace of mind to get on with life.

To find out how you could save 10% off your first year’s premiums and to get a personalised quote, visit www.lifeone.co.nz.

TVNZ Breakfast

TVNZ Breakfast held a raft building competition between the Registered Master Builders and Fergs Kayaks to promote Men’s Health Week. The event took place at Royal Akarana Yacht Club and was highly entertaining for everyone involved. Take a look at our Facebook page for more photos of the competition!

The Coast

The co-ordinator of Men’s Health Week NZ, Geoff Burton, talked to Brian Kelly about encouraging Kiwi men to get proactive about improving their health and well being. Men’s Health Week is kicking off on Monday the 9th of June, so have a listen to find out what the week is all about!


M2 Magazine New Zealand

This month’s M2 Magazine features some of our Men’s Health Week ambassadors talking about their personal stories and experiences in regards to their health. Grab a copy, have a read and find out how to live longer!

Seven Simple Steps to Protect your Health

1. Visit a GP. One of the easiest ways to take care of your health is having a check-up once a year. By monitoring your health and being aware of any illnesses in your family history, you will be more likely to catch any health issues early. Detection is in your hands.

2. Measure your pressure. Blood pressure can be a key indicator for a range of illnesses, such as stroke.

3. Exercise regularly. The benefits of regular exercise can be huge for physical, mental and sexual health. Take control of your health with 30 minutes of daily exercise.

4. Eat healthy. Eating well is important for both mental and physical health. You need to know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid in order to minimise health risks.

5. Healthy thinking. Recognising the symptoms of depression in yourself and others can be the first step to beating it. Remember there are services out there to help you or you can chat with your GP.

6. Stop smoking. It’s the only healthy option.

7. Maintain healthy relationships. Close relationships with family and friends are the most important source of love, support and understanding. One of the best things for men to do is make sure they have close mates who they feel comfortable enough to talk to about anything.

See below for news from the 2013 campaign

Pharmacies man up for Men’s Health Week

Amcal, Care Chemist, Life, Radius and Unichem pharmacies celebrated their Nature’s Own product promotion with fun ‘dress as a man’ events during Men’s Health Week.

Participating pharmacies offered free Men’s Health Pit Stop checks during the month of June to mark Men’s Health Week. The Pit Stop check involves a free blood pressure check with some pharmacies offering additional consultations like blood sugar tests or mole mapping.

“We know that guys typically aren’t that great at proactively managing their health”, says Life Albany Pharmacist Glenn Mills “so we’re saying come in [to the pharmacy], we’re accessible, we’re open long hours, late nights and weekends. Pop in have a chat, take your quick health check…and we can take it from there.”

To see the Breeze FM’s Breakfast Show hosts, Robert Rakete and Robert Scott, take a Pit Stop Check at their local pharmacy click here.

Caltex offer Pit Stop checks for blokes

Caltex offered a lunchtime pit stop check for blokes at their Fanshawe and Stanley street stations during Men’s Health Week.

St John’s set up a health hub on the Caltex forecourt on Friday for men to test their blood pressure and fill out a ‘What’s your score’ checklist.

Men refuelled their cars, checked their tyre pressure and oil levels and then made a quick stop to check their own health was in order.

The checks proved very popular and customers compared scores and made plans to follow up with their local GP.

Check out photos and videos of other events across the country.

Men’s Health Challenge stretches Builders and Firefighters

Registered Master Builders took on the New Zealand Fire Service in a challenge of physical strength, fitness and endurance at Ludus Mangnus School of Training.

The teams were put through their paces by ambassador Ren Nafauhu in the early morning with Breakfast television’s Sam Wallace covering the action. Challenges included bear crawls, pushing giant tractor tires and seeing who could hold themselves from the bar for the longest (as pictured).

The men also filled out a ‘What’s your score’ questionnaire. Registered Master Builder, Grant Hohepa, said although the physical challenges were gruelling he wasn’t surprised he scored the best in the health survey. ‘Being the ‘old man’ here, I’m already tuned in to getting regular health checks and being proactive.’

Well done teams! Firefighters dominated the tough challenge until the last round and relinquished the lead to the Registered Master Builders team in the tractor tire push.

For more photos and video click here.

AUT students test bodies and brains during exam week

AUT City Campus challenged students and staff to a series of health and fitness activities to coincide with Men’s Health Week. The AUT Sport + Fitness Centre set up rowing, circuit, strength and flexibility exercises in the quad today and gave students a chance to test their bodies as well as their brains during exam week.

Students were also encouraged to fill out a simple health survey to find out their health score. St Johns were on hand to offer blood pressure and blood sugar level tests to ensure students were in tip top shape!

Check out photos and videos of other events across the country.

Truck drivers health in top gear

People often think that truck drivers are notoriously unhealthy – living off a diet of pies and soft drinks whilst working a sedentary job with erratic hours. However Caltex fuel haulage operators Tom Cook and Ron Requena (pictured) of Hooker Pacific have turned their health around due to stringent annual medicals required in the fuel industry.

The men have lost over 80 kgs between them, improved their diet and exercise and now have a new lease of life. Instead of a standard five yearly check up, Hooker Pacific assess their operators every year. The assessment includes an ECG, vision, reaction and stability tests as well as weight and fitness monitoring. Due to the dangerous nature of fuel haulage criteria is strict and operators must be in peak physical and mental condition or face being immediately stood down.

Tom says keeping healthy and fit is all about maintenance. He brings his own food to work and exercises on a cross trainer at home as the gym didn’t suit his shift work. Ron reckons Men’s Health Week is a great idea “Men believe we’re invincible and we’re not. Just small changes can make a big difference to whether or not you’re there for your family in the future.” We agree!

To see a video interview click here.

Fishing trip tackles men’s issues

The Cancer Society – Mens Health Division, Mana Tane Ora o Aotearoa and local Wellington iwi Ngati Toa, hosted the inaugural Talk About Your Tackle fishing trip on Monday to coincide with Men’s Health Week.

The day was a great success with a group of about 15 heading out of Porirua Harbour for an afternoon of fishing, fun and sharing of personal health stories. The group was made up of kaumatua as well as younger men, most of whom had dealt with health issues such as cancer and heart disease.

Men’s Health Week Ambassador Brendon Pongia (pictured) came along to support the kaupapa and even managed to catch a fish or two in between hanging out with the guys and spreading the Men’s Health Week gospel. Maori Television sent a film crew along to cover the event with coverage of this story that will screen on Tuesday 11th at 5.30 pm, 7.30 pm and 11.00 pm.

A big thanks to the Captain for the day George Elkington and his crew for their generosity and time and for supporting this awesome kaupapa.

Pharmacist scores for Men’s Health Week

Life Albany Pharmacist and Men’s Health Week ambassador, Glenn Mills, was presented with a framed Men’s Health Week poster at the Pharmacy Brands launch on Monday morning. Pharmacy Brands, Sanofi and Nature’s Own staff had the opportunity to have a Pit Stop Health Check with their pin up pharmacist as well as celebrating the start of the campaign.

Glenn says prevention is better than cure. “I know that we men often don’t give enough attention to our health. Pharmacies are open late nights and weekends so really there’s no excuse for guys not to pop in and spend 10 minutes having a discussion about their health.”

Find your nearest participating pharmacy here or check out our Events Page for more information.

Men’s Health Trust breakfast kicks of the week

Men’s Health Week 2013 kicked off early Monday morning with the Men’s Health Trust breakfast at Eden Park. Around 300 guests gathered for a blokes breakfast and shared in some inspiring stories from guest speakers Ian Jones (pictured), Phil Gifford and Sir Ray Avery.

Dr Graeme Washer reminded us that every day eight men are dying of preventable diseases and we can change this by getting proactive!

Find out more about Men’s Health Trust by visiting their website.

Caltex spring into action for Men’s Health Week

Caltex launched into Men’s Health Week on Friday with a sweat-inducing fitness challenge. Heels were kicked off and ties were loosened as head office employees threw themselves into a one minute personal fitness challenge. This was led by ambassadors Ren and Joe Nafauhu of the Ludus Magnus School of Training.

Staff took a Men’s Health Pit Stop Check with St Johns and had an insight into some of the wider health policy issues as addressed by Dr Rhys Jones of the University of Auckland.

Racing legend joins Men’s Health Week team

We’re pleased to announce that legendary New Zealand racing driver, Greg Murphy, has joined the Men’s Health Week ambassador team!

Murph is a big advocate of New Zealand men being more proactive at managing their health.

“Just like a car needs regularly servicing, our bodies need an annual warrant of fitness. So take action, check out your health score and take a Men’s Health Pit Stop Check. It’s free to do and prevention is better than cure,” he says.

So gentlemen, start your engines! Are your nuts and bolts in order? Get online and check your oil pressure (blood pressure); have your chassis checked (BMI body mass index) and test your shock absorbers (stress levels).

Find out if you pass your annual WOF here!