AA gets revved up for MHW

AA Health Insurance and Men’s Health Week team up to lift the hood on Men’s Health.

AA Health Insurance is revved up to be partnering with Men’s Health Week in 2022. This year, AA Health Insurance are starting their engines to get the word out to AA Members and AA Health Insurance customers alike on specific preventable illnesses and educating on ways to avoid these through regular health checks and lifestyle changes.

AA Health Insurance firmly agree with Men’s Health Week 2022 theme that by starting with small steps, men can make a big difference to their health.

So, if you are ready for a bit of a tune-up of the body and mind variety, AA Health Insurance has teamed up with Men’s Health Week ambassador Scotty Morrison to deliver to you the ‘Man WOF’. That’s right, think of it as your ‘check-list of tune-ups’ to help service your body and mind. It lists all the important information on what you should be thinking about and actioning to keep healthy.

Most importantly, it guides you on where to get further information or take quizzes to understand where you are at. Because arming yourself with this knowledge can only do you and your whanau good as you keep healthy and happy.

‘Being able to partner and collaborate with Men’s Health Week has been immensely important to us, this is because we have been able to meaningfully contribute to raising awareness of specific preventable illnesses and ways to avoid these through health checks,’ says AA Health General Manager, Mark Savage.

‘Plus, working with MHW ambassador Scotty to create and deliver the Man WoF has been great as we have the opportunity to connect with our members and customers, and present this important information in new light.’

So make sure you check in for your internal tune-up and take The Man WoF for a bit of a spin. You can check out (and send on to those important men in your life) The Man WoF here.