Greg Murphy talks Men’s Health at Fieldays

Car racing legend Greg Murphy was one of the notable faces at the Holden area at Fieldays again this year, and while there he took the time to help spread the Men’s Health Week messages.

Greg has two sons with Type 1 Diabetes, and he knows well the difficulties of managing the autoimmune disease which destroys the body’s ability to produce insulin.

In the past men it’s been said men pay more attention to their car than their health. Things are changing though, and with the help of Men’s Health Week ambassadors like Greg, the MHW message that it’s important to talk about your health and get things checked when time’s right to get them checked.

Just like we do for our cars and their annual warrant of fitness.

Make a simple date – like your birthday – that you set to get your personal health warrant of fitness checked out and ticked off for another year.