Is our mouth the enemy?

We have the ability to shut our mouth when we want to say something bad, but when it comes to putting bad things in our mouth—generally we happily open wide and oblige. Can we develop the same type of discipline to eliminating harmful factors like alcohol, junk food, cigarette smoke and drugs?

We would struggle mightily to live without our mouth. We inhale and exhale through it, chew food and consume drink in it. When we clean our teeth, as we routinely do every day, we are attempting to remove all the dirt, germs and bacteria from the poor food choices we have made. Although, are we actually only brushing away our conscience, and not improving our health in any way?

When we eat bad food that contains almost zero nutritional value, we tend to be more lethargic, less motivated and in some cases, cloudy-minded. Is it because we are so mentally and possibly physically lethargic from our constant bad eating habits that we just don’t care enough to change our health around?

Unfortunately, convenience has gone global. It is bleeding through all the major supply chains as its number one seller. This is why we have fast-food franchises. This is why we are spiralling down into preventative conditions and illnesses such as obesity, heart attacks and diabetes.

According to the Heart Foundation, we should be upping our daily fruit and vegetable intake by double. You know the ‘five veg and two fruit’ rule? Studies suggest it could, in reality, be more like 10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. A single serving relates to 1/2 a cup of either cooked or raw vegetables or one piece of fruit. That means roughly 800g of fruit and vegetables on an average day—that is quite a lot!

Along with convenience, another enemy our mouths tend to happily accept is alcohol. Alcohol consumption is considered highly detrimental to our health, causing or complicating all sorts of illnesses with powerful links now clear to cancer, heart disease, high blood sugar (diabetes) liver problems stomach problems (eg, ulcers) as well as depression, anxiety and other mental health problems

So what should we try to do? It is super important to create a plan for yourself to ensure you do not exceed your intake of bad things. For a night when you plan to drink a lot of alcohol, make a mental alcohol plan that puts you in good stead for a quick recovery in terms of keeping hydrated, staying mentally aware and being well rested. Ensure you drink more water than alcohol so you stay hydrated. Eat plenty of nutritious food featuring lots of colourful vegetables and lean protein.

Let’s not become mouth over mind, let’s be smart and kind to our bodies. If what you decide to consume is bad for you, best you keep your mouth shut.