MHW hero is now Sir Buck

Sir Buck Shelford – Men’s Health Week champion

We know him as a colossus of New Zealand rugby, unbeaten in 31 tests as All Black captain, brave and unbowed survivor of the ‘Battle of Nantes’.

However Buck Shelford has shown in the days since he hung those boots up that he is still a fighter, still a leader and an inspiration to all New Zealanders.

His own battle with lymphoma (a nasty cancer of the immune system) has been waged and hopefully won. At the same time he has encouraged, cajoled and inspired hundreds if not thousands of Kiwi men to become more aware of their health and to take proactive steps to keep this as good as it should be.

Arise Sir Buck

It is his work as a men’s health advocate that has earned the highest recognition now. Sir Wayne -Buck – Shelford, honoured in the 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honours List. A health hero we can all feel we know and relate to, a hero for all of us.

Check out this clip here from Men’s Health Week 2010. He’s rocking a goatee but the message is still the same: guys – get checked, get a warrant of fitness from your doctor each year, and get on top of things before they get on top of you.