Get right to the core of it

  • Sore back and neck? Chances are you can trace these to your core, the part of your body that’s used in pretty much every activity you do – carrying, sawing, lifting, crawling, digging.
  • Your core is so much more than having a six pack. It’s the frame that holds you together and allows your body to do any number of amazing things.
  • The number one piece of advice to you is to care for your core!
    Stronger core = stronger muscles = stronger joints = better function and movement
  • There are a range of basic and often easy exercises that may help you develop your core, from crunches to planking. And you don’t need to hit the gym – there’s lots of exercises you can do at home, in the car and even on the water. Experts believe the absolute best activity for core strength is stand up paddle boarding. Who knew?