Seven Sharp features MHW

Seven Sharp closes MHW with some simple but rock solid expert advice

Here’s a great summary of why we need Men’s Health Week each year, from a guy who really does know.

Dr Luke Bradford, Medical Director of the Royal College of General Practitioners, told Jeremy and Sacha that men don’t need to be falling behind when it comes to their health.

Simple things that we can get on top of can can help keep at bay some of the preventable stuff that too many die from. Men’s Health week is a reminder of some of the simple changes we can make that can make such big – positive – changes to our health.

And we’re not in this alone. We have loved ones, mates, colleagues, team mates all there to help, all there to encourage us. 

Thanks Dr Luke, and big thanks also to the great team at Seven Sharp for all your support of Men’s Health Week in  2023.