Tips from the Masters #2 – Water me

Drink all day long

  • When it’s hot, make sure you keep up your drinking – and we mean mainly just water.
  • While a nice cold soft drink – or a well earned beer at day’s end – can be really refreshing and can cool you down, they won’t keep you hydrated. For that you need water, so keep a big bottle or two with you at all times on the job.
  • Don’t get sucked in by the energy drink myth.
    • These are basically sugar and caffeine, and the energy – sugar hit – is short lived. The sugar rush tells your pancreas to pump out insulin, driving sugar into the body’s cells and storing energy as fat. Blood sugar levels then drop quickly, making you fatigued and hungry.
  • Here’s a thought – drinking water, especially if you use tap water and your own bottle, is another really easy way to hold onto more of your cash.